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My favorite VSCode keyboard shortcuts

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    Chris Postma

VS Code

shift+opt+imultiple cursors at end of line
cmd+shift+etarget/open directory structure
spacewhile directory structure active, open a file
ctrl+enterwhile directory structure active, open a file in right editor group
cmd+shift pchange case or transform to
f12go to definition
opt+f12peek definition
cmd+shift+\go to matching bracket
ctrl+shift+left or rightshrink or grow selection
cmd+k, left or rightmove editor group left or right
cmd+shift+[ or ]toggle between editor panes
cmd+ctrl+left or rightmove editor pane left or right
cmd+k, opt+rightnew editor group right
cmd+opt+[ or ]collapse/expand block
cmd+shift+ogo to symbol definition
ctrl+shift+gview source control tab
cmd+umove to previous cursor position
ctrl+shift+5split integrated terminal
cmd+f12, ctrl+enterpeek definition, then open in adjacent editor group
ctrl+-after peeking definition, go back to definition reference
cmd+p, pgo back to previous file
cmd+shift+.peek at definitions in file, then use arrows to move through them
ctrl+cmd+opt+shift+ego to next issue in file or f8
cmd+k, cmd+ishow hover definition
opt+]cycle github copilot suggestions
ctrl+entershow all github copilot suggestions